A fond farewell to Joanne McKissick

26th July 2019

The Patient and Client Council wishes a fond farewell to its Head of Operations (Acting) Joanne McKissick this coming week.

Joanne has worked with the Patient and Client Council for the last 6 years. Initially Joanne held the post of External Relations Manager for the first 5 years, followed by a year as Head of Operations (Acting).

We wish her well as she now moves on to a secondment to become the Regional Programme Lead for the Diabetes Programme.

When asked about her proudest moments working with the Patient and Client Council Joanne stated that she had found great joy in working directly with service users to develop a regional pathway for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

She referenced supporting clinical leads in the development of the business case for a consultant led service in Fibromyalgia and ME treatment, and was supported by service users through recruitment to service development in partnership with the commissioner.

Joanne brought energy and enthusiasm to everything she did – which was especially apparent when she recently shone as Master of Ceremonies at our recent Annual Membership Event in May. And was an advocate of the values of the Patient and Client Council – in particular putting the patient at the centre of all we do.

She will be missed by all the team.
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5 responses to “A fond farewell to Joanne McKissick”

  1. Neil Stacey says:

    Joanne , l didn’t know you personally but working for the PCCNI you’re worth your weight in gold . Good fortune for the future . Neil

  2. charlie lynn says:

    I would just like to wish Joanne all the luck in the world in her future.

  3. Julie erskine says:

    Hi Joanne I want to wish you good luck in your new role and I hope to work with with you in the future

    Julie Erskine Chair of BSO

  4. Brian Blair says:

    Great to learn that your loss is our gain. I have type 2 diabetes

  5. Maureen Edmondson says:

    Best wishes Joanne in your new role. Thanks for all you did at PCC. Diabetes care is an important service so a chance to keep the same user centred values and principles.

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