Cancer Strategy 2020

Cancer Strategy 2020

What is the Cancer Strategy 2020?

The Department’s vision is for Northern Ireland to become one of the highest performing cancer healthcare systems internationally with a reputation for delivering timely and high quality cancer care, diagnostics and treatment, innovative practice, patient survival rates which compare favourably with similar populations demonstrating a collective approach to leadership committed to providing compassionate care for patients.

The Strategy will focus on fewer people getting preventable cancers; more people surviving for longer after a diagnosis; and, improving the experience of care for cancer patients.


What’s Involved?

The Department of Health have plans to issue a public consultation on the provision of a new cancer strategy in the near future. As part of the development of this strategy they are inviting individuals who have experienced cancer to engage directly with them and to act as a key service user/carer voice contributing to the development of the strategy, by sitting on one of the seven key areas listed above.

The commitment for each group member is to be willing and available to attend a full day training session. Attend one meeting a month, giving some time prior for the reading of meeting papers and have the ability to travel.


What skills or ability will i need to have?

Experience of cancer is necessary.

Applicants should have the ability to participate in a group setting to input into discussions on the proposed strategy, from a service user or carer perspective.

Applicants will have a vested interest in the transformation of cancer services and be willing to commit to participating in the scheduled and required sessions.

Having an understanding of the bigger picture of how cancer services fit into the broader Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland may be beneficial.


What support will i receive?

Training will be provided on Health and Social Care systems and structures, as well as the priorities and plans for the future. This will help your understanding of the bigger picture of our Health and Social Care system in Northern Ireland.

An induction programme will introduce members to the principles and practicalities of involving service users and provide a background to the cancer strategy for Northern Ireland.

The Patient and Client Council will reimburse out of pocket expenses such as travel and caring costs and provide support before, during and after sessions.