Have you got your medical card yet?

3rd January 2020

Your medical card is a credit card sized asset that fits in your purse or wallet, and could save your life.
It is encouraged that you produce it during any encounters with Health and Social Care organisation’s such as dentists, opticians and hospitals.

By always carrying the card with you it makes it easier for those treating you in an emergency situation to access your medical history, view any special requirements you might have (such as allergy’s to certain medicines) and to ensure that your treatment is appropriate to your needs.
Producing it at all encounters within the Health and Social Care environment will help to improve the service offered to you by ensuring that all medical staff have correctly identified your records and make them available to clinicians and HSC staff treating you.

The new card will only display your basic information for instance your forename, surname, date of birth and your general Practitioners’ code and name.

A new card can be issued if you:

– Change your Surname
– Change your GP practice
– Inform BSO directly of a Date of Birth error


You can get your new style medical card by applying on line at: www.hscbusiness.hscni.net/services/2507.htm


22 responses to “Have you got your medical card yet?”

  1. Helen McDonald says:

    Yes I would think the card would be good . I’m very interested .

  2. charlie lynn says:

    Hello everyone I was just wondering if it is possible to get one of these cards even you already have a medical card, was just thinking that they look really smart and very easy to carry around.
    Charlie Lynn.

  3. Pramod Mehra says:

    Not received medical card ýèt.

  4. Susan Deacon says:

    How can we be sure the details on that card are correct? We have had issues lately with mistakes on our records including incorrect dosages of medicines and the wrong address ( which is STILL an issue!)

    • Naomh Cullen says:

      Hi Susan

      Thanks for getting in touch card details such as name and address can be edited via the website – should you have any further queries regarding your records you can get in touch with BSO via their website.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Allister Campbell says:

    This is an excellent idea as this will help assist Health Organisation as stated above access the appropriate health files which will ensure each person gets the appropriate treatment they need

  6. Helen Stevenson says:

    Thankyou I need a new card as the one I have is from when I lived in England
    H Stevenson

  7. Norah Brown-Davis says:

    It would help if you made the link copyable to put in an email address to apply for it, also not making a space followed by a capital, after a full stop!

  8. Bernard McGarry says:

    I wish to become an organ donator, maybe you could direct me please.

  9. A Gamble says:

    I do not like to use my computer for personal information, e.g. name and DOB, in case it is hacked. However, I think having a card is a very good idea.

  10. Berty Magennis says:

    That is a Great Idea for older People . ( A Medical Card with that Information on it .)
    Really Good Thinking .

    Berty .

  11. Patricia Sharpe says:

    I didn’t know about this card, thank you.
    I am one equipped to inform others.

    Patricia Sharpe

  12. Patricia Sharpe says:

    IP address not available.


  13. Martina Woods says:

    can you please clarify if this is only for people who are receiving the exemption certificate through the government? I have googled this and it just brings up abut the exemption certificate. I work with adults who have autism( Autism Initiatives) based in Omagh covering Tyrone and Fermanagh. or can people whom work fulltime receive this card as well?


    It is a really good idea that will save the time and people’s life


    I would like to have one as I’ve some medical issues that are essential to know before any treatment

  16. Alan McFarland says:

    I have an ‘Acquired Brian Injury’ following a motorcycle accident, which isn’t always apparent – I think carrying this card would be a good idea!!!

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