Neurology Inquiry

The Patient Client Council is working with individuals, families and community and voluntary sector organisations in relation to the neurology recall.

The establishment of an Independent Neurology Inquiry was announced by the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health in May 2018. On the 11th December 2020, the Minister for Health Robin Swann MLA converted the Independent Neurology Inquiry from a non-statutory public inquiry to a statutory public inquiry. The Inquiry Panel will carry out an independent statutory inquiry of an inquisitorial nature. Brett Lockhart QC, Chairperson of the Neurology Inquiry has outlined within his statement (11th January 2021) details on the conversion and what that means for the workings of the inquiry and those affected by their work. (See attached below).

The Chairman has written to the Patient Client Council in relation to the Inquiry conversion to ensure that patients are aware of the changes brought about by the conversion and what it means for them. (Please see attached below).

You can download the information below. These are also available to view on the Neurology Inquiry website: